Webwatcher seems on the surface to be this wonderful product.. but they FAIL to mention it DOES NOT WORK to monitor chrome. There solution was for me to uninstall chrome from my daughters computer.. not going to happen! She's used chrome for several years.

Their screenashots only work sometimes, was told I would need to go reboot her computer.. not a good solution when you are trying to monitor things under the radar!!

Then they refused to issue a refund after only having the product for less than 10 days!!! Said I needed to ask for a refund within 3days!! Din;t even realise they couldn't fix the problem until after that!!!!

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We had the same problem. Webwatcherdata is TERRIBLE with Chrome and their customer service is the worst.

Also will not refund. Waste of money.


took longer than 3 days to find out it isn't compatible w/ chrome, so i'm out of luck on refund.

maybe it does work, but it's ridiculous to require downgrading the browser to find out. with the 3-day refund window it's nothing more than a scam.


Experiencing exact same problem, 10 days of trying to sort out the issues, no chrome support! Refuse to refund. It actually does about 10% of what it states, buyer beware.

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