DO NOT purchase Web Watcher iOS to monitor you kids iPod usage. Their screenshots of the features were misleading and made it look like it records "everything", but it only works with geolocation which is already free with iCloud. They keep telling me it was clearly advertised that only SMS, phone call logs and Geolocate are recorded. They refuse to refund my money even though I have proved to them they were misleading. This is truly BAD customer service. They also stalling in answering my ticket questions until I called to complain or chatted to complain that I wasn't getting a reply. They last delay was a week long. Don't waste your money like I did! I am now out $130 for WebWatcher for iOS with Unlimited Update.

Ticket ID xxxxxxTicket Subject Refund RequestCreated By xxxxxxxCreated Date 412014 61004 AMLast Replier Awareness Tech - SupportLast Reply Date 4212014 80409 PMStatus OpenPriority Medium

Awareness Tech - Refund Request

Posted on 4212014 80409 PM

Hi xxxxxx,

We apologize for the inconvenience but we are bound by our terms and conditions. As mentioned, the products we have and its features are actually indicated on our website before you could proceed with the purchase. Webwatcher for iOS only records SMS, Phone call logs and Geolocate.

Awareness Tech

Posted on 4112014 53419 AM

I want a full refund because your features were very misleading and nowhere do you specify that the only feature that works on an iPod is Geolocate, which is already free with iCloud! Nowhere on your website does it say that only geolocate works with an iPod.

Please take a look at your features that I focused on before purchasing this product for the iPod Touch

http://www.webwatcher.comiphone-spy-software#howitworksHow It WorksCompatible with iOS 6.0 or later (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)Record Everything InvisiblyThis is misleading because it isn't everything. For the iPod, it records nothing.

http://www.webwatcher.comiphone-spy-software#featuresFeaturesIn the image of the screenshot you show a menu that says Keystrokes, Websites, Searches, Social Netowking, You Tube, and Websites again under Mobile Devices.This is misleading because this image is in your iphone ipad monitoring section and your left menu in the image shows recorded data links for both Computers and Mobile Devices. On top of that, Websites is listed under Mobile Devices.

I do not want to use the software to monitor any other device, I only needed a solution to monitor my son's iPod. Your software does not work as advertised. It doesn't record anything for the iPod Touch. It only has Geolocate which is on iCloud already. I would never have purchased this product and purchased the atomatic updates for a year if you made it clear on your website that your software does not record anything on the iPod.

Please do the right thing and refund my money! I find it very bad customer service to make me wait days at a time for a reply, I was told I can't resolve this through online chat. I was never give a customer service phone number and you want to push other software on me instead of giving me my money back.

According to your refund policy, my situation qualifies for you to refund your purchase price in FULL.

http://www.webwatcher.comrefund-policyRETURN & REFUND POLICY

If our product does not perform as advertised, please notify us within 72 hours of purchase. Our customer support staff is available 7 days a week, and we will do our very best to make sure the product performs properly. Assuming you have notified us within 72 hours of purchase, if we are unable to resolve the issue within 3 days of you notifying us, we will refund your purchase price in FULL. Please note that you must provide us reasonable access to resolve your issue, we do not provide refunds for simply changing your mind, or for lack of physicaladministrative access unrelated to the performance of the software.

Awareness Tech - Refund Request

Posted on 4102014 75541 PM

Dear xxxxx

All our products and its features are actually indicated on our website before you could proceed with the purchase. Webwatcher for iOS only records SMS, Phone call logs and Geolocate.

If you no longer want to use the iOS software, we can just change that to a PCMAC software which you can install on the PCMAC you want to monitor.


Awareness Tech

Posted on 472014 100048 AM

Geolocate is working with xxxx's iPod through Webwatcher, therefore the iCloud backup setting are correct and working. It was unclear however, when I purchased the software and a year of unlimited upgrades that geolocate was the only feature that would work on iPods. This is why I would like a full refund. The software may be great for iPhones, but not for iPods. iPods don't have SMS and they aren't phones. However, your ad for the software has iPod in large bold letters. Please issue a full refund. Thank you.

Awareness Tech - Refund Request

Posted on 452014 22844 AM

Dear xxxxx

The software has already been assigned to target device xxxx’s iPod and it's checking in with our servers. The software only records SMS, including deleted ones, phone call logs and Geolocate if iCloud backup settings on the target device is ON. Kindly make sure that all listed under the iCloud backup settings are ON and the target device is connected to the internet at all times for the software to sync to iCloud then to our servers. Also make sure that it has already been 24hrs since the last backup.

We would also like to verify, has the iOS been upgraded to 7.1 On the target device, kindly also try backing up three times then observe if it sends data to the account.


Awareness Tech

Posted on 412014 61004 AM

I purchased Webwatcher for iOS with Unlimited updates to monitor my son's activities and usage on his iPod Touch. Now that everything is set up, customer service (Anthony) has confirmed that the only features are Call logs, SMS, and geolocate. That means only geolocate is applicable for an iPod touch which is worthless since that is available through iCloud anyway. Please refund my money. Thank you.

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I just got ripped off as well, they done EXACT same thing to me, how can they do this,REALLY WISH I COULD HAVE SAW THIS BEFORE I MADE THE MISTAKE!! I'm advertising to everyone I know and ones I don't about what a sleeve ball company they r.

Mojave, California, United States #865054

OH WELL !!! Spent my money , got the white glove download service and not one program can decrypt any of the encrypted stuff they are sending me ...never read anything at all out of over 150 emails from them !

I did all of the browsers , all of the translation programs ...you name it and it didn't crack their e-mails .

I asked for a refund after doing the chat thing about 8 times for the problem ...was sent to tech 4 times ....they took control of my computer and still nothing is readable ...refund out of the question because of a clause in there contract . My computer is screwed up bad , one of the chat people wanted my password to the account and none of these computerized idiots has any clue on how to fix anything .

Then they follow me around on my computer and screenshot me and everything I am doin instead of the target !

I asked them to remove themselves and all of the software downloaded and guess what ?? ...they tried to fix it again and this time I started getting lists of activity ...encrypted and no way to read it !

They took my money , invaded my computer and screwed it up so bad that it's barely working with their software , refused to refund my money , they have all of my information , the target found out about them because they showed every *** thing on the search history drop down box , everything is encrypted ...even the tech couldn't get it to work , I have to throw away this brand new computer because even my security reset system that goes back to factory settings ...doesn't get rid of their invasion of my computer and they won't remove it .

I happen to have a cousin that is a U.S.

Attorney and I am talking to him about this ...this is wrong as you don't get one *** thing out of this Webwatcher thing except hours deleted from your life trying to get some kind of action to get the *** thing to work ...and I don't need to know all about me all over the *** computer and this is what they are sending me ! They Suck !!!!!!!

to Pat Romine #934211

who ever this is did you get webwatcher to monitor your kids? because my mom did and now she deletes everything and restricts everything well im using it. im trying to get if off my ipod my mom is a stock!

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