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Dear Customer, We are so sorry to hear about your experience with WebWatcher. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Awareness Technologies. Please contact our support staff at or start a live chat through your WebWatcher account to we...
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Webwatcher - Do NOT buy unless prepared to lose your money
Krystal, Thank you for your review! I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Our support team is online 24/7 and are usually able to fix the problem within a few days. As for our product not working, we have just rolled out updates that have fixed any Apple issues...
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Hi Darlene, sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the service, our technicians are on 24/7 to assist. There is an option to hide the APP on Android devices should you want to try WebWatcher again! Like most subscription services, and per accepted terms and...
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Last week I purchase Webwatcher and I spent a total of 7 hours trying to install this software on my PC. I was so frustrated by this process, that I almost gave up. I decided to reach out to the company and ended up online with the IT department for several hours....
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Webwatcher - Don’t waste your time or money

Webwatcher charges you up front even during the “free trial”. Don’t fall for it. I was unable to use the software for my devices and contacted their “technician “. He couldn’t make it work either so I requested a cancellation and refund. I was told no refunds. This is a racket! Use anything else. Customer service is rude and condescending.
I purchased a month subscription. It didn't work from the start. You have to provide cloud log in information. I did this, wouldn't show proper device I wanted monitored. I tried to contact them via live chat immediately and no one responded (ever). I then...
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I didn't like
  • Anything--scam

Webwatcher - False advertisement

This app does not work as advertised. I sent test messages that are MIA. The tech couldn’t figure out why.They app can not locate target phone. They said a ticket would be opened for that with no response. I canceled before trial end and my card was still charged! Customer service is only available via chat. They only give repetitive generic answers. Any decent company would refund your money if not happy but not this fraud

Webwatcher - Waste of money

This app doesnt work most of the time. I tried several times to get a refund. They do not respond. It's easy for the child to turn it on and off. The app doesnt notify you like it says it will. It is a waste of money.

Webwatcher - Why can't I read my kids complement on messager

I thought i would be able to see everything

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They simply got my money and did nothing. i need to know the truth about my spouse's recent movements. A *** expert helped in discovering the whole Truth about the Affair. itechspyware at gmail dot com. They helped in gaining access to the Targets mobile device to...
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