WebWatcher is online PC monitoring software from Awareness Technologies and I recommend you avoid this company and their products unless you want a lesson in online scamming.

The scam works this way - you signup for their software with terms that don't include any time limits. The software works OK although it's buggy and slow. After a few months AwarenessTech sends a notification about an upgrade. Now this is online software so there's no such thing as an "upgrade" you can only ever use the "current" online version. After a little while more they inform you that unless you pay then some more money to "upgrade' they cancel your login.

They then cancel your login.

If the terms of sale on AwarenessTechs's web site were upfront about their limited time subscription then this would be perfectly OK but they fool you by clearly marketing themselves as "nothing more to pay".

Don't be fooled avoid these guys.

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I signed up for a 7 day free trial on sept 17, 2017 cancelled on the 19th on September they charge me $99.95. So what was so free about this trial. They are rip off in my opinion a scammers!

Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom #1205074

i had it for the free 7 days didn't like it on the 3ed as didn't work so they told me how to end it 3weeks later they take the money anyway and it says i cant log in as i am no longer a member stay away from this site

to Anonymous #1372068

Same here. I signed up for a 7 day free trial.

Canceled 3 days later and got charged $99.95! They are complete scam.


The software itself actually sucks. I bought this along with an iphone for my daughter for Christmas, I saw 3 text messages within a week and 0 photos, although my daughter has nearly 200 photos which can be seen from iCloud.

I wish I would have read this site before buying the software but they obviously pay a lot to be on the top of the searchlists when searching for a monitoring solution. Webwatcher sucks!

Portland, Oregon, United States #735642

I ordered the download, the update and the disks. The download never took.

The disks never arrived. I canceled the update and THEY RECREATED THE CHARGE on my PAYPAL acct. without authorization!!!!

How is this possible???!

Paypal ruled AGAINST my dispute, even though I never got the disks months later.

I am currently in my second attempt with Webwatcher to get a refund. They just told me it was past 30 days!!? I never used the service and I paid for something I never received -and I don't get a refund???!

Steer clear of the frustration, the waste and the evil empire of Webwatcher.


:( So I got SUCKED into this one. I was working fine until we upgraded to Google Chrome from IE9 (cause that was being ***).

Well customer support "graciously" offered me a 20% on renew upgrade service for one full year and 30,000 camera shots. I just told them to refund my money and I have already downloaded Aobo and like that one some much better.


Worst company...I never even used it and they didn't want to refund me I called them and emailed them a bunch of time for support to try to make it work and they would say...it's going to work this time but no. I would not recommend it.


do not purchase this p.of.***.. It worked for only 3 days and stoped.. I will file compains every day until I get my $$ back


This product did work for me the first time but only after having to purchase an upgrade. Then it stopped working after AVG anti-virus software was installed onthe computer they told me I nee to purchase another up grade so I did at $96 when trying to install brought the computed completely down and it had to go to an IT to get it fixed at the rate of $400. Beware this product does not work with AVG anti virus soft ware they refused to refund my money even though the it tech stated it will not work with AVG and they are working on an up grade to get it to work with it.


I found out before purchasing that yes, you have to pay annually to renew the license, but was willing to do so for a software with all the features they claim this one has.

Not only did it take me 3 days and 6 hours of tech support to get the software successfully installed onto my pc (I use Windows Vista and Firefox), but once I did get it installed, my computer was slow, would freeze up, programs wouldn't respond.

After ANOTHER week and at least 10 hours of troubleshooting and reinstallation after reinstallation, I finally asked for my money back because I was tired of fooling around with it. Not only was my request denied (because they will only refund within the first 72 hours, and nevermind that the software wasn't even operating on my computer during that timeframe), but conveniently after that, the software stopped recording any data.

Luckily, American Express offers purchase protection and they refunded my money. Although the safety officer at my daughter's school recommended this software to me, I would never suggest anyone use it EVER.

Terrible software, terrible support and terrible customer service/problem resolution.


They are somewhat up front with the fact that this is a subscription not unlike antivirus software. However, with antivirus software you can keep using it after the subscription is up and it may just not be fully up to date and so may miss some virus' at your own risk.

With Webwatcher it STOPS WORKING at the end of a year.

That's not a subscription, that's a whole new program every year and $67 is too high for the value. I think I'll just start trusting my kids.


dont share the same experience. i called the sales line before i bought and they told me the price was good for 1 year.

and then i checked the terms of service and it said the same thing. i did get notices about 10 months later reminding me to upgrade as my renewal was coming up.

all was as advertised, including the product, which works great. it is the only one that lets you view data remotely (where you dont have to access the target computer), so frankly, there is nothing like on the market.


I'm going to be brave and just give my personal experience and opinion. I can only except some immature comments.

After I purchased two licenses a year ago I chatted with a tech support person online. I asked how long the software would work. I was informed it was for one year and then it would be $67 to renew on an annual basis. I did not see this mentioned anywhere on their site, I was a bit irritated but I figured I'd give it a try. There were times it was slow and recording was late. I admit it was not the most user friendly software, but once I took the time to "explore" all the settings it was doing everything it advertised it would.

No, I don't work for them; but I have not experienced the problems that all you talk about.

Someone mentioned it's an online program so it's always the most current version. Not true. If you remember when you purchased the license it downloads the program to your computer; at least for me it did. I downloaded the software then went thru an install process. Remember if you search for it you should not be able to find it as its supposed to be "undetectable".

During the year I've had it, never been asked t pay any fees other than now my license is expiring.

As far as getting a refund; I referred a friend to this software, downloaded, started the install then recevied an error message about it not being compatable for MAC computers. (Again, not something that I saw mentioned on their site.) We sent an email explaining what happened and requested a refund; within 2 days her credit card was credited.


Thanks for keeping me from making the biggest mistake of my life and buying this ***. The outrageous price tag gave me enough pause to check it out a little more, and boy am I glad I did.

I'll definitely take my business elsewhere.

For those of you who have been scammed by these charlatans, might I suggest you register a complaint with your state's Attorney General? These guys/gals do get things done on occasion, unlike the next-to-useless Federal Trade Commission.


I've had Webwatcher since 2008. I havent logged on to my account since summer of 2009.

Today I was suspicious about a employee and logged on, but no information to view.

They been charging me 4.95 a month for storage fees but they canceled my subscription for not upgrading 9 months ago. I asked Webwatcher why the kept charging. The guy would not give me a answer. He said they will continue to charge till I canceled.

Wait, they already canceled me. Amex did kick back those charges and I did go to another service.


This company is terrible. The tech support is useless, and the product doesn't perform as advertised.

Look elsewhere. :(


Since being scammed by WebWatcher I needed another PC monitoring product with remote reporting capabilities and eventually purchased eBlaster.

I have only had the product a couple of weeks so far but it seems to be doing its job as specified and it installed without problem. Does anyone else have a recomendation as an alternative to WebWatcher?


Mulch - As someone in IT for the lsat 10 years you should understand the selling point of using a 'hosted online service/application' is that it is always the most current version w/ no upgrade fees... otherwise the installed version would always be purchased.

Any organization that charges for something that is not listed in the terms of original purchase should be avoided.


Mulch: SHUT UP

You obviously work for WebWatcher or got suckered by them and refuse to admit that you were scammed.

Your comment only display your juvenile mind in a negative manner.

Let people post their opinion and experiences.


Hi "Hot in Atlanta" it seems you too have been suckered by the WebWatcher Scam! I'm sure there's hundreds if not thousands of others out there in the same boat. I like that you have logged 16 formal complaints javascript:ac_smilie(':grin') but is there more we can do to stop these guys?

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