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Webwatcher is rated as the number one web monitoring product. Obviously the people rating this product have never used it in practical use.

I have been on webwatcher for 3 years. There are constantly problems, things that don't work quite right. They fix one problem and three more show up. Most problems re small but aggravating.

I had a problem where thy recommended uninstalling and re-installing. After a week of being on the phone and getting no where, I had to do a fresh Windows install to get the product to re-install. The biggest ripoff of all is the "unlimited upgrades", this is good for one year. I purchased this last time when I upgraded to 5.0 but 6.0 did not come out until a year and one month from when I purchased the "unlimited upgrade".

Don't waste your money on this as you are just throwing your money out the window. This product looses functionality after about a year as the online programs and browsers have upgrades so you are forced to upgrade if you want it to work.

I am sur with just a little more programming effort they could keep this working for more then a year. Summary, don't buy this product unless you are looking for aggravation and disappointment.

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I started using WW several years ago. At first it worked fine.

Everything recorded as is was advertised. After several months, the recording for AIM instant messaging stopped working. I contacted tech support and was told that AIM "upgraded" their software and that I needed to purchase WW upgraded software to be able to record. I was charged the full price of the new version 06 of WW.

This time I opted to purchase unlimited upgrades (but later found out that the unlimited as only good for 1 year). So this turned out to be costly. However, if it worked, I would have been OK with it. But the problems became more frequent.

Tech support would constantly have me uninstall and reinstall. At issue it that things stopped recording. IM, them email, them on and on. My WW Ver.

06 was not even a few months old when I started having problems. Eventually I was told I that the WW could not record because the "other" site had made upgrades. I would have to wait until WW also made their upgrades. the time my "unlimited" upgrade for the year was up....WW 06 was recording NOTHING. Bottom you money.


I agree with the general sentiment expressed here. They seem to want to pick your pocket at every step.

About 30 days after installing WebWatcher, my kid has reinstalled Windows. They want $14 to allow me to download the program again...

They must be kidding. Save yourself some aggravation and avoid WebWatcher!


Can anyone tell me a safe, cheap, or free program I can use to do perform the same tasks?


I've used the software for a couple of years, and had no problems until recently. On Jan.

4, 2010, I paid $141 for a year's service on three computers. Last week they told me I had 7 days to upgrade to a new version (at about $40 per computer) or my software would quit working. Sure enough, today it doesn't work, or at least I can't get to the "view collected data" pages.

Their customer service has been less than useless. Next step is taking the matter to my credit card company.


To Mulch,

I was in data prpocessing for 37 years. I was an MVS system programmer for 10 years and a PC network specialist for 15 years.

I code in 5 different languages and have developed web applications, main frame applications and customizations and Active directory interfaces and modifications.

I am more then qualified to speak to the quality of this product. By the way have you even used the product or are you just a know it all that likes to harass people?


Another arm chair software programer. So please tell me expert programer what languages do you use to code.

What about creating the GUI what program do you use? I mean you are the expert and I have only been writing code for 10 years you must have the best code on the planet.

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