WebWatcher worked great until web browsers updated and Awareness Technology couldn't keep up. Their only solution was to delete advanced versions of the browsers and revert to older versions. But that only created problems with web-based services and programs so that is a *** and UNFEASIBLE solution!

At this point Web Watcher it is WORTHLESS to me. I am incensed that I spent money for a service that is 100% USELESS!

100% USELESS! But,if they had allowed me to cancel my subscription and refunded me a prorated amount, I would at least feel like they were ethical and fair. Instead, they will tell you that if you purchase just ONE MORE add on package, that it will solve the problem . . a little more money here and a little more money there. But the bottom line is, they can't deliver the service they promise! IF THEY ARE TAKING MONEY FOR A SERVICE THEY CAN'T PROVIDE, ISN'T THAT THE DEFINITION OF A SCAM?


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