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i am pleased to report webwatcher is one of the few software programs that actually works the way it is supposed to. from the installation, which actually took less than 3 minutes, to the ability to record everything, to the the real-time access to the data from any computer at any time, this program was amazing!

i looked at a bunch of others that force you to access the data from the pc you are monitoring, which is ridiculous if you have ever tried to this.

this remote access feature alone puts webwatcherin a class of its own. highly recommend webwatcher

Product or Service Mentioned: Webwatcher Monitoring Software.

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trust me, if webwatcher isn't working for you it's not because of the software. it does everything they claim...

including the cell phone monitoring. Just ask my sorry, good for nothing POS EX-husband....he will tell you its a cheating spouses worst nightmare!

lol i hung him out to dry by the balls thanks to Webwatcher. :grin

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