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Bought blackberry software...installed worked for shortwhile but never utilized all of the promised items for instance geolocator never worked. Then rebooted phone worked for a few hours then same problem. Requested refund and was refused....a true scam if you ask me. I think its set up in a way in which they keep adding on fees for storage images etc. Very very unethical company. STAY CLEAR.

I also purchased software for laptop but have no interest to do anything further with this company. They are really deceiving the public and need to reported to the better business bureau or something.

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Just like others have said . .

. when you have problems, rebooting does not always solve it. Also, if you are trying to be "stealth-like", then you can't shutdown target computers because the user would know something happend.

Say what you will about purchase price, but you better factor in the "auto update" package in that price because the version you buy is out-of-date within a few months.

That means that chat and emails will no longer record.

All I have been working off of is keystrokes. Virtually useless because you have no idea who anything is being said to by chat or mail.

Customer service was pretty good, but that doesn't mean anything when you have a program that is out-dated within months of purchase and no longer functions like it should!

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