I have to say that I loved WebWatcher in the beginning. It did exactly as advertised. I could monitor everything remotely and my kids didn't know it was running. I knew passwords, websites visited, could change settings remotely, etc.

But then I started to realize it would quit running for no apparent reason. My operating system was Windows XP Home Edition with SP3. I had WebWatcher running on another computer with Windows XP Professional Edition with SP3. My anti-virus was AVG Free on one and McAafee on the other.

Both computers had the same problem... WebWatcher would just quit running on the computer being monitored. I called WebWatcher and explained the situation. Their solution was for me to reboot each machine everyday.

Even this didn't cure the problem. I have since removed WebWatcher and installed NetNanny. I really did like the features of WebWatcher.... when it ran. I just couldn't keep it running and WebWatcher had no other solutions for me.

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