Webwatcher, an internet monitoring system, claims that it is undetectable, that even on your statement, it is disguised as AT Technologies, so that no one will know what you purchased. Unfortunately, if anyone googles AT Technologies, s/he can very easily find out what the purchase was. Also, I tried to "return" my purchase, but even though I had not downloaded anything, I was told I would not get my $ back. The "terms and conditions" policy say that all returns must be made within 5 days of purchase, but interestingly, I was not sent the download from the company until 11 days had elapsed. In fact, when I called to make the return, I still had not received anything from them, but I was told by the customer service agent that I should have read the terms and conditions before I purchased so that I would not be "whining" about it now.

I have never before dealt with a company whose return dates end BEFORE the merchandise is even sent to the buyer.


Product or Service Mentioned: Webwatcher Monitoring Software.

Monetary Loss: $133.

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