Webwatcher Mobile advertises "Just introduced - new features for Blackberry". These features are geolocation, phone call tracking and photo monitoring.

When the features did not work, I contacted them and the rep was not sure about them. I asked if I would have to re-install to get the new features but she was not sure. I wrote again and was told that the features were not active yet and instructions would be provided to activate them in the future. I asked when this would be since they were already advertising them as working.

Again, I was told that they were not sure when the features would function.

I bought this package but the only thing it reports on is e-mail (I don't need this since I have my daughter's account info) and SMS messages (her phone does not send these.

It sends MMS messages which Webwatcher does not track). Basically, I spent $70 for nothing!

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Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #785058

Seems to give some sort of consistent mirror locations along with real ones. Could be a problem if your 14 year old kid is supposed to be (and is) in school but webwatcher regularly reports they are in a park a car drive away.


hi lovelygurl,

I have also purchased webwatcher mobile just recently. All the features they mentioned are working.

You can try reinstalling it on your Blackberry phone and make sure to chat with their support so they can check if you are running the latest version which is 3.0. it works great!


when did you exactly purchase the software?

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