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Initially purchased for PC. Caused all sorts of issues for my computer and Kaspersky AV software. Ended up reformatting hard drive because of it.

Then purchased for BlackBerry smartphone. GPS location has never worked, but randomly detects a location once every six months or so. And don't think if you purchase the software you are done spending. They will do everything possible to extort more money from you. You have to pay for extended download service and for updates and storage and they also get you especially by changing the software features and expecting you to then pay for features that once were included in the software.

For two years I was able to have a weekly report of texts, emails and calls compiled and formatted to export from the software. Suddenly the report and export functions were no longer available and tech support told me that I had not purchased the "premium" edition so that feature was not available to me. Never was made aware of a premium option. I had been getting/using this feature for nearly two years but I guess when they figured out the could charge more for it, they created the "e-notify" feature for $29.95.

Such a complete rip off. They get you coming and going!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Webwatcher, can be turned off and manipulated. The people at webwatcher are dishonest.

My husband managed to befriend one of the girls and got her to manipulate the monitor, so i could only see what he wanted me to see. It is a rip off.

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