after a thorough review of webwatcher, i am happy to report that this software works great. it did everything it was supposed to and more.

when you compare it to competitors, the biggest difference you will find is that it lets you view data remotely instead of having to have repeated access to the computer you are monitoring. at first blush, we did not realize how important this was until we tried others.one competitor --spector pro-- actually tried to charge me an additional $69.99 to buy a sister product called e-blaster,which basically spams you with emails of all activity.

in contrast, webwatcher simply gives you a web-based interface and does not charge extra for this. all in all, webwatcher delivered and was a great a value.

Review about: Webwatcher Monitoring Software.

Monetary Loss: $97.

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Escondido, California, United States #695691

I agree this company is a scam. It will not record incoming texts, emails nor websites because it's not program for android phone.

It worked for two weeks n now can't access information.

Waste of money! :(


This company is a ripoff. The software did not capture Internet Explorer 9 correctly.

Then all website tracking was not working consistently. Furthermore the actually *charge* you extra for over 1,000 screen captures!!! Can you believe that? Its like the whole point of the software.

Can you imagine buying Microsoft Word and the being informed you have to pay to make more documents?

What a ripoff. Use something else.

Brownwood, Texas, United States #428471

I recently installed webwatcher on my computer and ran into problems with the install. I was chatting with one of the techies and the next thing I know my applications starting flickering.

I lost my tech support, couldn't access my account due to my browser window continually resetting nothing. I used another pc to contact the help desk and ask for a refund still have received. I had to as far as restoring my PC to an earlier date to have the ability to do anything at all on it.

Since the incident I have not heard back from Awareness technologies of refunding my purchase or anything. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SOFTWARE!!!!!


Buyer beware!!!!!

You HAVE TO PAY EXTRA for updates if browsers update their software. Recently found out that an update to Google Chrome doesn't work, so you can either downgrade your browser (how *** is that!) or pay $59.95 for an unlimited update. This on top of $97 for the basic license. I've had the software license for two months, not paying an additional 50% for an update.

While Web Watcher works well about 70% of the time, it randomly does not capture all keystrokes as it claims to - I have seen missing reports for emails when I KNOW the email site has been visited.


This company has no notion of custumer service. The service goes down every month.

I have to spend hours in with their supid chat help which by they way doesnt help at all.

the service only works for few weeks then crashes.

Very frustratin and when i contact the company they were very arrogant and unhelpfull . I am getting my money back

to nadia Herndon, Virginia, United States #657706

I agree 100% with the postings above. The software worked fine for a couple weeks then started missing keywords, emails were not being listed when I know they were being sent and received.

The tech support chat is worthless. The *** guy told me to upgrade my IE version even though I told him I was on the MAC version using Safari. This software plays to concerned parents trying to keep their kids safe online but you are constantly lamblasted with ads for additional purchases and anytime you talk to tech support all they want to do is up-sell you.

This software may have potential, but they will soon be out of business due to their horrible price model and even worse customer service. Don't waste $97 like I did.

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