I purchased and downloaded Webwatcher a short while ago. Recently, the computer I was monitoring got an updated version of Norton Antivirus which has now disabled Webwatcher.

I filed a help ticket only to be told that it was a KNOWN issue and one the company had no interest in assisting with...unless of course I wanted to upgrade to their premium service.

There marketing materials explicitly state that anitvirus software does not detect/disable their software product. This is clearly deceitful.

Be warned...if you purchase their regular product, you can have your dollars made wasted at anytime. DO NOT PURCHASE.

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They also forget to mention that it screws up steam and Came-studio. That's how I figured it was on my pc I talked to the steam people and they said that it is a know problem that this screws up steam.

They can't fix it, it's not there fault. I also have this game were ctrl alt caps lock does something so I found the password screen that way.

It stops the launching of many programs like cam-studio to so I can't record videos. This is one of if not the worst spy programs ever made.


This is the SAME EXACT thing that just happened to me!!! I specifically asked BEFORE I made my purchase if Norton would affect the software and was also told NO!

My kid spent HOURS online visiting sites. The problem is that I can see the websites that were visited but not the keystrokes which are THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION FOR KEYLOGGER SOFTWARE! They keep telling me that the information is still uploading. It's been over 2 days1 Really?

But the new information from is uploaded just fine. I am so NOT a happy customer!


Norton Anti-virus free download really messed up my computer...took out all my print drivers...solution from company?...they will take it off...go out and get drivers back yourself...of course they swore it would not interfere with any of my files...do not use norton

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