In November I purchased webwatcher. It installed easy enough and hid very well.

But it stopped recording stuff (Smart Camera). Had to purchase more Smart Camera shots. $17.00. Then it stopped working.

My job takes me away from home quite a bit so this is why I got this. Every time I was out of town, the thing stopped working. When I was home not a problem. Here it is the end of January and it is not recording a thing I am out of town and can't fix it because you have to be on the target computer.

So, my conclusion don't waste your money on this product. It is more of a disappointment than anything.

I am now out about 200 bucks. and pissed.

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I had same problem. After a week smart camera stopped recording.


Bought webwatcher last March. It installed and worked the first time on my laptop.

After that, it stopped working at all and never got to fixed. Reboot doesn't fix it at all.

Forget about this software. Like they said here, this is a scam!


I too purchased the software in January 2012, and true it installed easily enough, you do have to be careful but it does hide itself REASONABLY well. You can find it if you look, so its really not "completely" invisible.

The SMART cam does stop "working" rather quickly and upon some research you eventually FIND out after the fact, that you only have a LIMITED number of views and then you have to PAY for more... this is a bit disingenuous and somewhat underhanded-- at least in MHO. The chat recording are hit and miss, on occasion you MIGHT get the text and on others you do not. The facebook chats often do not show up.

Video chat on Yahoo and GMAIL do not work at all!! The application appears to capture key strokes but the with my children I never know if it caught all of it or not. All in all the product delivers about 25% of what it claims most of the time, but their marketing is a bit questionable.

My use of the product is to help keep track of my younger children. Of course they know its there but on occasion will forget about it...if you REALLY want piece of mind for tracking computer activity this product only partially delivers and gets back to the old saying "buyer beware" because the company really does "walk the line" when it comes to "truth in advertising" and so I am not sure I could recommend the product to someone unless they read all the fine print.


Go to BBB and file a complaint! They are listed as "Awareness Technologies" They rip you off and need to be closed down...

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